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Hi, I’m Jenny. Entrepreneur, ideator, former journalist, art director, ranch-dressing fanatic and efficiency nut. I also founded CO+HOOTS, ranked the No. 4 coworking space in the U.S. and No. 9 in the world.

I’m beyond excited to share the tools, systems and secret-sauce strategies that led to our “little” coworking space’s success, Phoenix’s rise as a thriving entrepreneurial hub and my ascent to automation and efficiency greatness. From tactical software and management tips to policies that affect entrepreneurs, and leadership, welcome to my hub for all things coworking, community and city.


Where ideas meet execution. Here are the topics I most care about

paired with tips, tools and resources to strengthen cities’ entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Coworking Guides

You want to build a coworking space and you want to know what the leaders in coworking are doing. Find my collection of tools, tips and resources so you can go out and build amazing communities that change the future of work.

Economic Development

You’re a city planner, economic developer or official wanting to make long lasting change. I’ve been gathering ideas and speaking with leaders from cities around the world. Take a peek at what they’re doing and how you can adapt and innovate yours.

Business & Work

You’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or aspiring to be one. You know it‘s really freaking hard building a business. Find advice and support in this section to help grow your business and skills as a leader.



Entrepreneurship, leadership, startups, bootstrapped

businesses, economic equity and more. I’d love to speak at your next event.