“10 years ago, in the middle of the recession, I built the first coworking space in Arizona called CO+HOOTS. When I built CO+HOOTS, I wasn’t looking to build a space. I was looking to build a PLACE. A place that didn’t yet exist in Phoenix. A place that connects, revives and supports people who are out risking it all. This place has a physical address, but extended beyond the zip codes we were given. Through my work at CO+HOOTS and building a business hub for innovators, I saw how a connected city results in a thriving city. Today, I just want to see more individuals, cities and leaders take an active role in furthering the innovation ecosystem that is being built right in their own backyard. ”



Jenny Poon is a serial entrepreneur and founder of economic development technology company HUUB and Arizona's first and most recognized coworking space CO+HOOTS. Together both organizations have created tens of thousands of jobs and increased economic mobility for families everywhere.

As the daughter of Vietnamese refugees and a self-made entrepreneur, she speaks, writes and advocates daily to for safer entrepreneur ecosystems for women and people of color. She currently is CEO of HUUB, a data-driven digital platform and workflow management system for governments to streamline delivery of small business support services. Before HUUB, Jenny founded the first coworking space in Phoenix, AZ. Which she grew to 2 locations, created thousands of jobs, serving more than 1000 entrepreneurs monthly. Her over a decade of experience in supporting entrepreneurs through CO+HOOTS and her experience as a daughter of small business owners, is what drives her work with HUUB and equity building today.

She contributes regularly to Kauffman Foundation, Business Journals, National Women's Business Council and Arizona Republic/USA Today. She currently serves as an appointed member of the National Women's Business Council, a federal bi-partisan council that provides policy recommendations to the President, the U.S. Congress, and to the SBA on issues of importance to women business owners and entrepreneurs


Ranked No. 4 coworking space in the U.S. by Inc.com, CO+HOOTS currently houses more than 1000 scaling entrepreneurs and small businesses across two Arizona cities, was the first coworking space in Phoenix and has been an integral role in creating thousands of jobs locally. Jenny led CO+HOOTS from its inception in 2010 to being recently ranked the No. 1 most innovative coworking space in the world. Through her background in business, design-thinking and marketing, she built a place where she could connect with like-minded professionals who believe business growth comes from collaboration between different industries. She speaks regularly on leadership, the importance of nurturing innovation in the workspace and works tirelessly to bring visibility to coworking as a new economic development tool for building vibrant and equitable cities.

Jenny serves as an advisor for numerous startups, Board Chair of CO+HOOTS Foundation (a 501c3 nonprofit) and as a mentor for several young entrepreneurs. Jenny was named Phoenix Business Journal’s 2016 Phoenix Businessperson of the Year. The first minority and the first woman to receive the honor.


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